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Babes Who Blow

I love seeing a sexy bitch that knows how to handle my cock. Watching her wrap her pouty lips around the head of my dick and then look up into my eyes and just giving me the look. You know the one. The look that says, I’m about to suck your soul out through the head of your cock and you are going to love every fucking minute of it.

And then when she can actually deliver on that. When she expertly slides your cock all the way into her mouth, you feel yourself pressed against the roof of her mouth, and then hitting the back of her throat. You can feel her working her tongue up and down your shaft as she effortlessly sucks you off until you’re painting her throat white!

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It’s All About The Thrill

I dated this one chick that was all about the thrill of getting caught. She was a total exhibitionist and I fucking loved it. We’d go out to eat and she’d reach over and give me a handjob right there at the table with diners all around us. It was exhilarating and added excitement that intensified every orgasm. If that kind of thing turns you on, you’re going to want to take advantage of this instant 51% off discount to Sneaky Sex

Members will have more than 110+ scenes that show all kinds of crazy situations that lead to mind-blowing orgasms right before they get caught. The roster is made up of your favorite porn stars and you already know they’re thrill-seekers. These scripted scenarios will drive you wild and have you wishing it was your reality. 

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Perfect amateur pussy is always ready for cock!

When it comes to an amateur romp it’s always better if you know you’re going to be part of the action. The guys over at know this from personal experience and it’s for that reason they have one of the hottest collections of amateur porn that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Like so many of you, I have been wanting to bust a nut to xxx amateur sex for so long now, as such I was going to go balls deep on these girls and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Staring at so much tight pussy always gets the blood pumping, it makes you realize why you dig amateur porn so much.

If you think you need to take it easy on these girls you couldn’t be more mistaken. They want you to be yourself and if that means taking a hardcore pounding so be it. It is such a refreshing feeling to finally have girls that understand the way that a man thinks. They know what we’re here for and they don’t deny in giving it up for us. For me, that just makes perfect amateur sex even better than it was before!

Nothing Tastes Better Than Pussy

Are you the type of person who loves watching girls fuck other girls? I’m almost positive you are since most humans with a working brain can’t help but masturbate to the mere thought of it. If my girl told me she was leaving me for another girl, my first instinct would be to ask “Can I at least watch?” Yeah, that’s how much it turns me on.

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I love how they are pros at licking pussy, finger banging, making each other squirt, strap-on fucking, clit-sucking, and making me jerk off to every second of it. Sign up now!

Worldly Women Nearly Naked

Remember what it was like to check out beautiful women in porn and in magazines when they weren’t airbrushed or stuffed with fake tits, where they weren’t aiming for shock value as much of today’s directors put out, and when the stars were mostly nearly natural. That’s the time I want to go back to, regarding porn. Finally, with Zishy, I am able to do exactly that.

From L.A. photographer Zach Venice, comes Zishy. A site overflowing with teasing and arousing photos of beautiful girls. Many of which look like the sweet and innocent girl next door you always had a crush on, dreaming about when in your room alone. Perhaps even as an adult. I know I have had my fair share of lusting over those innocently sexy-type girls. 

This site is tasteful and exciting. Stuffed with younger girls and ladies that get dangerously close to the line that divides a teasingly innocent exposure from the overexposed. If you’d like to experience the “basics” again, then this site is for you. Join and save 51% now with a discount to Zishy.

Open House On The Best Pussy

Honestly, I didn’t think reality porn would still be this hot after all this time, but I can’t get enough of it. The situations and scripting are still completely unrealistic, but it’s just relatable enough to make the fantasy feel like it could happen to us in real life. I mean, who knows?

Maybe I’ll never be a landlord and get a broke slut to suck me off when her rent is late, but sites like Property Sex make me feel like anything is possible. I love watching the POV shots where a doe-eyed vixen gets on her knees and looks into my eyes like she’s sucking me. With hotties like Angela White, Ivy Wolfe, Chloe Scott, Jillian Jansen, Abella Danger, Athena Palomino, Valentina Nappi, Gianna Dior, Honey Gold, Megan Rain, and Naomi Woods, you’ll be jerking off non-stop.

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She Can Sure Handle A Stick

Sometimes when I’m sitting in heavy traffic I try to occupy myself to help the time pass. I might play some music, or call a friend, but I usually just pull up some porn on my phone and jerk off. I think the thought of other people seeing what I’m doing is what gets me off about it. I’m sure not everyone likes to see my cock out but I’m also sure some people do.

I guess that’s the whole thing about amateur porn. It’s like we’re catching a glimpse into real-life situations caught on camera and it’s just more exciting that way. I often fantasize about getting pulled over by a sexy woman cop who sees that I’m stroking in my car. Maybe she sees how big I am and then rides me in her backseat? It might never happen to me but I’m sure going to watch a lot of porn of other lucky bastards who fuck in public!

If you get turned on by this stuff like I do, check out these tips for having sex when driving.

To Build a Successful Free Fuck Site, Do You Need a Business Plan?

The first adult site that I’ve built was really just a fucking hobby. I mean, I started a Yahoo group distributing pictures of guys posting pictures of their girlfriends. It was like fucking 10 years ago.

And people were having a good time, and I knew that it had legs in terms of popular demand because there were lots of comments being thrown back and forth. The engagement was there. This was, of course, before Facebook blew up. This was before the golden age of social media.

And just like with most other Yahoo groups at that time, I was completely blind to the income potential of the initial group that I had. I was really busy. I had, at one point, 300,000 members.

So, I got tired of the fact that I wasn’t making any money with that project, so I started a formal porn site. And believe me, that shit failed worse than Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. It was a fucking joke. It was an embarrassment.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I didn’t put in the time. Like being a typical American dude from the Midwest, I fucking went to work. I rolled up my sleeves, invested money, invested time, I took time off of work, you name it. But shit simply didn’t work. People didn’t show up, I didn’t get my money back and, within a year, it went tits up.

So what went wrong? Here’s the secret. If you want to build any kind of business, and I’m not just talking about free fuck websites, I’m talking about any kind of online business, listen up. Build your business around existing communities and the traffic they generate.

In other words, if you build a community first where people love your content and people freely share their feedback and tell their friends about your content, you have a better chance of succeeding than if you build the business first and then you look for the community or you look for the traffic. Do you see how this works?

Build the traffic first. And what builds traffic? Content. Now, a lot of punk-ass bitch businessmen or people who claim to be businessmen say, “No, it’s the content that’s king. You create the content first and it draws traffic.”

No, it doesn’t work that way. Find people who you’re trying to reach, figure out what they want, and then give them what they want. Only when you give, will you be able to receive. That’s how it works.

If you try to take first before you give, then you’re just making things harder for yourself. In fact, you’re making things impossible for yourself. So consider yourself warned. Believe me, it’s very easy to lose money online. You probably already know this, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this blog post. So start with free adult dating sites like before you spend all your money on sites that don’t work.

Real Orgasms Are Always Better

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I could tell you that it’s insanely hot to watch a woman making herself cum, but that would be a bit of a Captain Obvious moment. Everyone knows a woman’s orgasm is the most beautiful sound on Earth. That’s why I’m such a big fan of

This site is a bit different than others but in the best ways. For one, it’s a site owned by females who film females masturbating. It’s more believable that these sluts want to be there. Also, these are real orgasms, not just some bullshit fake moaning like in typical hardcore videos. As a guy who gets off on getting women off, this is the hottest possible type of porn for me. was started in 2002 and is 100% female produced. In an industry mostly run by men, this is a refreshing change and I think it will only make porn more authentic, and thus more enjoyable. AKA, sites like this will make you cum harder than others in my opinion.


Watch Amateurs in First Porn Videos

The Nubiles Network is one of my favorite sources of teen porn. They have a large selection of sexy young amateurs in all sorts of content. Softcore, lesbian, and hardcore are the most basic way to describe the type of scenes you can find inside the site, but there is really much more to it than that.

You can get a lifetime discount to Nubiles Casting for 49% off, and it will unlock the entire network for you. The castings are by far my favorite scenes. I enjoy the brief interviews and then watching as the girls get naked and have sex on camera for the first time. Some of the girls appear bold and excited. Others are more obviously nervous. Seeing how they loosen up and start to enjoy themselves as the fucking progresses is a real joy for me.

Daddy’s Lil Angel, Step Siblings Caught, Bad Teens Punished, and Bounty Hunter Porn are a few of the other sites included in this cheap all-access pass. Get yours while the offer is still good!