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Jasmine Gets Teased In Her Sleep

Grandpas Sleepy Head

Jasmine had been up all night studying for her final and by the time she finished taking it and got back to her apartment she was absolutely exhausted. As she fell on to the bed she completely forgot that her roommate had said her uncle was dropping by to pick up some books to sell in his bookstore. Jasmine always left the front door unlocked anyway but since she had forgot her roommates uncle was coming by she didn’t think twice when she stripped down to her panties and tank top and lay on top of the bed covers.

As Jasmine lay completely passed out on the bed she didn’t even notice when someone knocked on the door, nor did she notice when the door opened and her roommates uncle let himself in. As he stood there watching Jasmine for a moment his rod started to get beefy. He watched her for a few minutes more and then daring himself he walked over closer to her and carefully pulled her panties aside. As soon as he brushed his fingers against her wet crack he got the idea to whip out his weenie and brush it against her soft lips as she slept!

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