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It’s Been a Hot Summer

I have to tell you, this summer has been one of the hottest I can ever remember. And me saying that has absolutely nothing to do with climate change or what the weatherman has to say. I’m sitting inside in the AC and I’ve never been as hot and bothered as I have been ever since I joined

I’ve always had a preference for amateur babes. I don’t want a trained actress, it just feels more real when you have a regular girl in front of you. And amateur does not mean less pretty, not by a long shot. And this site has given me a plethora of amateur sluts who have never in their life been in front of the camera, but for whatever reason, they have decided to give it a go and my cock couldn’t be happier.

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Charlotte Goes Hiking Naked

FTV Girls didn’t sound like a very interesting concept when I first learned of it. First time videos of amateurs doing things they haven’t before sounded like pretty much any other teen porn site. I mean they’re amateurs, so everything will be new to them! Then I actually bothered to check it out and was almost immediately blown away.

This FTV Girls 34% in savings discount is a purchase that I do not regret. It has been serving me well for a couple of weeks now. Everyday it seems like I am discovering girls and videos that are even hotter than the last ones. I am also really loving the phenomenal photo sets.

I do a lot of hiking when I have the time for it. Sometimes, I see sexy joggers on the trail with bouncing boobs in little tops, but I never come across any fully nude babes. The fantasy that FTV Girl Charlotte put in my head with her nude hiking content is going to have me fapping to it again and again. Her flawless physique among jagged rocks and rough terrain with nothing but a pair of sneakers to protect her, made me harder than the rocks.